Although there are substantially many more ways in which these principles and others may be used to improve conditions, you need not spend months studying Scientology before you can use it.

People have been led to believe that life is complex and that Man is unknowable, but Scientology holds the opposite view: It is possible for anyone not only to know himself in the fullest sense of the word, but also to gain control over life. Moreover, Scientology is organized so that one may easily employ just a single principle to work remarkable changes.

But quite apart from the immediate bettering of relationships or sorting out the confusion in one’s life, these principles are actually part of the practice of Scientology. And that practice is dedicated to consistently raising individuals on the Tone Scale, increasing their ARC and broadly improving their dynamics.

To fully appreciate the depth and scope of the religion and the actual practice of these principles and others, it is necessary to gain some understanding of the most important practices of Scientology—auditing and training.

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